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Architectural Design

JRDV is an award-winning practice whose architectural design is recognized worldwide. Our projects receive praise from users, clients, and governments, and achieve this while simultaneously producing bottom-line results. Our architecture is a highly crafted problem-solving synthesis of business, culture, and the art of place. JRDV projects include both new construction and adaptive reuse of existing buildings. JRDV has a deep knowledge of building types including retail, hospitality, offices, and housing. Our experience and method of working have become a priceless and valued extension of our client’s success.

As a full-service architectural practice, we manage concept development through to project execution. Above all, we bring a pragmatic approach to managing projects on time and on budget. From conceptual design to production of technical documents, to coordination of consultant teams, JRDV excels at exceeding client expectations.

JRDV’s architectural services are well known for their extraordinary attention to the pedestrian experience and the ability to capture the essence of what makes a particular city or region a unique destination. JRDV’s projects are designed to be organically related to each community’s culture and aspirations. From rough sketches to construction documents, the JRDV team works continually in three-dimensions with a combination of hand sketching and computer modeling.

JRDV works exceptionally closely with the teams necessary to deliver complex projects even though the project site, the development team, and engineering consultants are frequently located in different countries, continents, and time zones. JRDV utilizes design charrettes at key intervals in the design process supplemented by the use of JRDV’s web-based collaboration platforms for day-to-day communication and database management. JRDV is sensitive to budget requirements. We achieve cost-effective results and quality environments by knowing how to strategically use architectural details where they have an impact for the customer.