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Development Services

The world has changed; there is no more business-as-usual in the real estate industry. Markets are more complex, tenants are reinventing their brands, customer patterns are changing, costs are out of control, and future values have become unknowns. Old and familiar solutions no longer work in this emerging environment. What is required today is equal parts visionary insight and hard-boiled pragmatism and development services that meet these demands.

JRDV’s development services offering is a response to this market context. It allows us to strategically partner with our clients and to develop solutions faster, smarter and focused on innovation. Development services seamlessly links business requirements and business strategy into our design process. It allows us to more quickly develop new solutions that are grounded in a clear and coherent analysis of the new business drivers: changing market psychology, brand re-positioning, and old fashion “making the numbers work” decision making.

Our principals understand your issues and problems because we have been on the developer’s side of the table. We bring MBAs, hard-knocks developer experience, and a passion for finding newer and better solution sets. It allows us to more quickly invent the solutions that simultaneously solve difficult and seemingly unresolvable cost, entitlement, and economics issues, and still create great buildings.

Development Services brings to your project:

• Project Management
• Risk Analysis
• Tenant Coordination
• Site Selection
• Performance Analysis
• Consultant Coordination
• Entitlement Management
• Feasibility Analysis