Founded in 2003 as an International-focused practice.

JRDV Urban International is an architecture and urban planning firm specializing in large-scale projects focused on creating sociable, culturally meaningful, intricately scaled, pedestrian-oriented outdoor public spaces deeply reflective of local history. Major projects are in North America, Asia, and Europe. Many projects are focused on ground-floor outdoor retail that becomes the social focus of the community. JRDV believes sustainability is promoted when more intricately scaled cities attract people to live and work in more compact urban settings.

The firm has extensive knowledge of a wide range of building types, including retail, mixed-use, creative office, high-density residential, cultural, and education facilities. We have gained this expertise working with public- and private-sector clients across a wide range of international geographies.

For twenty years JRDV has been known around the world for:

  • Being a client-centric team player for complex projects.
  • Engaging team members through an immersive iterative eye-level design process.
  • Producing strong design narratives based on each project’s unique location and context.
  • Bringing deep knowledge of architectural styles and local history to all projects.
  • Seamlessly connecting all phases of design from the initial vision to the last layer of details.
  • Designing intricate ground-level urban textures related to the immediate local context.
  • Understanding how to bring large, complex public-private projects into fruition.

JRDV’s organization is a nonhierarchical, culturally diverse, technologically savvy, and internationally oriented firm emphasizing teamwork, innovation, and a deep appreciation of the complexities and history of cities and building design.