Enghavebroen Copenhagen, Denmark For several years a bicycle and pedestrian bridge has been planned to connect two new residential districts Enghave Brygge and Islands Brygge South in the City of Copenhagen.  In the fall of 2023, JRDV had an idea for resolving how this bridge could be built without partially filling in a 2-year old […]

Atlas Gardens

Atlas Gardens Marrakech, Morocco Atlas Gardens is North Africa’s first new-generation retail and mixed-use development. It is located in historic Marrakech and includes 1,400,000 GSF of retail, entertainment, and offices located adjacent to hotels, a golf course, a new neighborhood district. The project seeks to capture the essence of what makes Marrakech unique while meeting […]

Park City Hanoi

Park City Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam ParkCity Hanoi is JRDV’s comprehensive master plan for a next-generation urban center for Hanoi. The plan creates a new 18.3-hectare urban core in Hanoi that combines residential, retail, and commercial uses into a high amenity pedestrian-focused urban district. The goal was to create a regional destination that would become the […]

American Steel Renovation

American Steel Renovation Oakland, California The project is an adaptive re-use of the iconic American Steel and Pacific Pipe buildings within the historic West Oakland neighborhood. The buildings are an important part of Oakland’s history as an industrial manufacturing city. Today the renovation and adaptive re-use of these important structures are leading a visionary approach […]

Hanoi City Place Mall

Hanoi City Place Mall Hanoi, Vietnam City Place Mall is a 3-level exterior retail mall and urban amenity supporting new residential and commercial growth in Hanoi. The design establishes a premium pedestrian and shopping experience that is the core of the brand and will drive premium pricing in surrounding urban development plan where JRDV is […]

Las Vegas Epicenter

Las Vegas Epicenter Las Vegas, Nevada The Epicenter Urban Plan is designed as an urban catalyst site to create a new economic engine for downtown Las Vegas. JRDV Urban International has designed this Live-Work urban center to revitalize the downtown and become a cultural and economic hub of the region. The plan creates a pioneering […]

Parc Dounya Master Plan and Town Center

Parc Dounya Master Plan and Town Center Algiers, Algeria Parc Dounya Town Center, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, located just outside Algiers is the largest mixed-use development in North Africa. The project is designed around a town center with pedestrian-scaled retail streets and buildings on individual parcels. The project’s urban design is based upon Middle-Eastern urban […]

Miri Master Plan

Miri Master Plan Sarawak, Malaysia Miri City Center master plan is the first comprehensively designed environmentally sustainable city in East Malaysia. The master plan covers over 600 acres of waterfront that is adjacent to the existing city of Miri and includes: a new market hall, residential district, government administrative center, and new commercial and retail […]

Global City

Global CityMudanjiang, China Watch the 3 Minute Narrated Video Global City Mudanjiang, China JRDV is the lead master planner and design architect for Mudanjiang Global City a project of 10 Million GSF including the complete redevelopment of 9 large city blocks of predominantly non-descript 1950-era buildings at the center of a prefecture-level city of 3 […]

Tunis New City

Tunis New City Tunis, Tunisia Tunis New City is a master plan intended to infuse the world’s most significant New Democracy with modern uses for the purpose of better integrating Tunisia into the world economy. The project encompasses over 40 million GSF of new uses including Retail, Business Services, Research and Development, Health Care, Education, […]

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