Coastal City Mall Remodel

Shenzhen, China

JRDV Urban International was the lead-architect and planner for the remodel of Coastal City Shopping Mall, one of the largest in the City of Shenzhen.

Coastal City development is already the most active pedestrian area in Shenzhen – one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the world. The purpose of the project was to build upon Coastal City’s already remarkable success to better connect the existing upper level Highline with a pedestrian-oriented Waterside Promenade seating area, making it Nanshan’s best water-side promenade for window shopping, outdoor dining and relaxing. In addition the project encompasses making a more elegant and modern public facade, worthy of Coastal City’s high status in the city.

JRDV is responsible for the overall master plan, exterior elevations and major public interior spaces.


Exterior Façade Remodel of 500,000 GSF Retail Center




Shenzhen Coastal City Group


JRDV Urban International, Lead Architect and Master Planner


Top Aligned Iframe