Design as a Business Strategy

Design is an integral part of the Business Strategy – Business-as-usual in the global real estate industry no longer works. We view our design process and our architecture as core elements of our client’s business strategy. Markets are more complex, opportunities are international, customers are changing, costs are out of control, and future values have become unknowns. The old, familiar solutions no longer work in this emerging environment. What is required today are equal parts experience, vision, insight, and hard-boiled pragmatism. New design thinking as a competitive business weapon to create new brands, new value, new market share must lead the change.

At JRDV, we break out of design conventions and strategically partner with our clients. Design is part of our core business value proposition. This allows us to develop solutions faster and smarter and to be more focused on innovative value creation. We generate design solutions that are grounded in a clear and coherent analysis of the new business drivers, changing market requirements, brand repositioning, and old fashioned “‘making the numbers work” decision making. At JRDV, we have been on the client-side of the table – we feel your pain and see the development opportunities.

Understanding the true underlying market dynamics is the core of any successful strategy. It is not enough to follow the leader. Successful development today must bring a sophisticated understanding of the unique market drivers in each location and establish a clear competitive edge. We bring a unique set of analytical skills, which are focused on decoding market dynamics and finding a successful product strategy in a world of change.

We bring world-class design, hard-knocks experience, and a passion for finding newer and better solution sets. Working around the world on an incredible range of project types gives us a unique ability to bring an international perspective and best-in-class thinking to each project. We invent design solutions that simultaneously solve difficult and seemingly unresolvable political, cost, market, and product problems.