Copenhagen, Denmark

For several years a bicycle and pedestrian bridge has been planned to connect two new residential districts Enghave Brygge and Islands Brygge South in the City of Copenhagen.  In the fall of 2023, JRDV had an idea for resolving how this bridge could be built without partially filling in a 2-year old canal.

JRDV’s solution was to split the Eastern end of the bridge into two halves, which are then allowed to land on either side of the canal and incorporate an iconic “green island” that would be a unique urban feature in the city.

This solution has been the subject of several articles in the great Magasinet KBH that regularly publishes unsolicited design ideas for improving urban life in the City of Copenhagen.

The bridge is anticipated to be completed sometime towards the end of this decade.


180 Meter Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge


Fall 2023


Pro-Bono Project

For the people of Copenhagen


JRDV Urban International

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