Founded in 2003 as an International-focused practice.

For twenty years JRDV has been known around the world for:

  • Being a client-centric team player for complex projects.
  • Engaging team members through an immersive iterative eye-level design process.
  • Producing strong design narratives based on each project’s unique location and context.
  • Bringing deep knowledge of architectural styles and local history to all projects.
  • Seamlessly connecting all phases of design from the initial vision to the last layer of details.
  • Designing intricate ground-level urban textures related to the immediate local context.
  • Understanding how to bring large, complex public-private projects into fruition.

JRDV’s organization is a nonhierarchical, culturally diverse, technologically savvy, and internationally oriented firm emphasizing teamwork, innovation, and a deep appreciation of the complexities and history of cities and building design.