Paseo Altozano

Morelia, Mexico

Paseo Altozano is one of the largest retail centers recently constructed in the Americas. The project includes 120,000 m2 of anchored retail, food, entertainment, cinema, and hotel. The project was recently honored by the president of Mexico as representing the future of urban design practices.

Paseo Altozano is intended to dramatically change the way public spaces in retail centers are designed and experienced. The project creates a unique urban pedestrian place that is both authentic and rooted in the cultural heritage of the city of Morelia. It is conceived with village scaled spaces, which are focused around a series of intimately scaled streets and plazas. The unique branding of the project has been a critical element in expanding the effective trade area and contributing to its broad market success in the Morelia market.

The project includes large fabric structures providing shade given the hot climate. It also has three plazas, six different streets, and anchors at all ends of the project.


1.2 million GSF Outdoor Retail Center






JRDV Urban International

L&F Lighting


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