The Promenade

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

JRDV Urban International the lead planner and architect for a world-class “city-within-a-city” mixed-use development that rivals anything in Singapore or Malaysia. The Promenade at Wahyu Lake will create a world-class walkable waterfront urban district.

The plan integrates working-living-leisure and private-public-civic into a single connected destination. The design draws from the International and Malaysian urban traditions of street, park, plaza, arcade, and neighborhood.

The promenade is designed to become the central heart of the community and the larger region. The design maximizes connectivity with regional transportation, 100% walkable connectivity, Live-Work-Play functional inter-connectivity, connection to nature, as well as culture and a creative community.


Mixed-Use Urban Master Plan

3 million GSF Offices, 7,000 Housing Units, 2 Million GSF Retail, Hotel




Perdana Park City



JRDV Urban International

PTK Transportation Consultants

Samoo Development Advisors

AECOM Engineering


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