City Green

Suzhou, China


JRDV Urban International is the lead architect and planner for City Green including 80,000 meters (800,000 GSF) of retail space, 300 residential units, office building, and a 300 room hotel.  The project will be the social heart of the Wuzhong district a newest dense urban center in Suzhou, China, a city of 8 million population.

The project is the antithesis of the “typical mall” as it establishes a pedestrian environment with the architectural variety, integration with nature, and pedestrian integration unmatched since the time of the historic Chinese water towns found nearby.  City Green includes many unique design features including an iconic 3-level bridge connecting two city blocks, dramatic views over Taihu Lake, an interior bird park and rooftop park and indoor electric go-kart racetrack.  JRDV is responsible for the overall master plan, exterior elevations, and major public interior spaces.

JRDV Urban International