Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


CityCenter is designed to create the next-generation Urban Center for Ho Chi Min city. It forms the activated center of Canal City, a new regional development in Saigon. It is creating a new urban typology that will attract new global businesses and residents to the greater Ho Chi Min region. The project will contain 1.2M SF of creative office, 1,400 residences, 600,000SF of retail and a 320 room hotel and service apartment.

In an era of globalization, fueled by technology and interconnectivity, society is seeking a way of life that reconnects them to nature and authentic urban place, without sacrificing the amenities of the modern city. City Center is designed to create this authentic urban place, which offers a positive vision for the future, rich cultural engagement, and a meaningful way to live. It is also designed to connect people to nature bringing respite, space to breath, and the balance so many urbanites crave.

CityCenter is a unique and exciting new urban destination that is designed to look to the future and feels like an authentic evolution of the local Saigon culture. It is the gateway to urban development for the new global HCMC. People living in the new economy want to feel that they are connected to nature.

CityCenter is designed to integrate nature into every aspect of the new development. The street becomes a linear park, podiums become elevated parks, towers have sky-gardens that bring nature into the daily aspect of people’s lives.

CityCenter is designed to create a world-class city that brings the highest quality of pedestrian experience to Saigon. Global elites strive for an urban experience that hearkens back to the traditional city but has the modern tenants and convenience of the new global culture.

CityCenter is anchored by a regional entertainment district. It is designed to bring a new generation of exciting retail tenants into the market. The Tower and Hotel Blocks are integrated into the Canal Park to create an Eat-Drink-Shop- Play environment – Creating an extended stay experience, where people come to shop, relax, dine, do business, and enjoy an unparalleled urban experience. The design creates a 7×24 activated urban center that is a regional destination. Activated public space is the scarce urban resource that global professionals seek. With its well-designed and curated retail spaces, CityCenter can create this rare and sought after urban resource.

JRDV Urban International