Coliseum City

Oakland, California, USA


JRDV created the master plan for the redevelopment of the Bay Area’s famed Coliseum District. The plan’s key elements are a new next-generation sports and entertainment district, a high-density, mixed-use transit district with intermodal transit hub, and a waterfront science and technology district.

The overall plan creates a strategy for change and transformation of the largest underutilized transit-served urban redevelopment opportunity in California into an economically vital community. The master plan establishes land-use, urban design guidelines, development and transit strategies that will enable a viable economic reuse of this critical urban resource. The centerpiece of the plan is the redevelopment of the Coliseum site, which is planned to integrate the professional sports facilities into an authentic functioning urban context.

The master plan will allow retail, restaurants, and entertainment uses to leverage off of the sports uses to create a world-class sports-themed urban entertainment district. Above these ground floor uses are office, hotel, and residential uses. Transit connections to BART have been improved to create a true intermodal transit and pedestrian-centered urban center.

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