Hanoi City Place Mall

Hanoi, Vietnam


City Place Mall is JRDV’s design for a new retail experience and an urban amenity that will support new residential and commercial growth in Hanoi. The design establishes a premium pedestrian and shopping experience that is the core of the brand and will drive premium pricing in all the ParkCity products. The project will creates a safe-urban place and lead the market in sustainability to create a new model of urban development in Hanoi. The design uses JRDV’s innovative approach to create a diverse and synergistic retail mix of international brands and high quality local brands, and also introduce an innovative retail leasing program that has a range of product and pricing that will attract a strategic customer demographic mix to the project. The project integrate the idea of Park as destination into the urban place. It recognize the role of water in the public park experience. Water is symbolic and revered in Hanoi Culture, and must be a key element of any public space strategy. It create a new public space type that is a hybrid between park and street – taking advantage of the strong desire for public promenading in city parks.

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