Las Vegas Epicenter


Las Vegas Epicenter Urban Plan – Reinventing Downtown Las Vegas

The Epicenter Urban Plan is designed as an urban catalyst site to create a new economic engine for downtown Las Vegas. This 85-acre urban district envisions a new Live-Work destination that features a new MLS multi-use soccer stadium, an entertainment district, as well as creative office, hotel, and a 2,000 units residential neighborhood.

A WALKABLE URBAN DISTRICT FOR LAS VEGAS. JRDV Urban has designed this Live-Work urban center to revitalize the downtown and become a cultural and economic hub of the region.

The plan creates a pioneering Walkable District for Las Vegas. It is designed to create a new vision for the downtown that attracts investment by creating a delightful urban experience based on pedestrian walkability, and a vital mix of live and workplaces – a true Café-Culture for Las Vegas. Through the integration of a Climate-Adapted urban building typologies, a pedestrianized street network, along with green infrastructure enhancements, the Plan prioritizes cycling and pedestrian access and enjoyment.

In addition to these urban form innovations, the plan establishes Smart Technologies that better manage existing infrastructure, such as coordinated Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for traffic management, parking management, and wayfinding systems are software enhancements that will more effectively facilitate connectivity within the Downtown mobility network.

A GREENER DOWNTOWN.  It is a fallacy that desert cities cannot be green. Through the integration of drought-tolerant planting and xeriscaping, along with shaded and arcaded streets and open spaces that are integrated throughout the planned district, the plan sets out to create an urban desert oasis which could provide more shade and a pleasant walking environment. The green infrastructure network (including 4 acres of new parks and plazas, 3 miles of shaded urban streets), will increase the overall amount of open spaces in downtown and provide visitors, workers, and residents with an appealing, climate adapted and comfortable outdoor environment.