ParkCity Town Center

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



FIABCI World Gold award (more info)


JRDV planned an innovative mixed-use master plan for a 40-acre town center in Kuala Lumpur. The project was designed to create a prototype for new-urban development in Malaysia. The planning team worked with economists to determine the market viability of alternative economic development strategies for retail, office, cultural, and residential uses. The final master plan became a synthesis of these physical and economic parameters to ensure social, physical, and economically sustainable urban strategies that could adapt to the long-term market conditions.

The master plan established an innovative urban design that will enable flexible development scenarios and will result in a world-class walk-able, pedestrian-focused urban environment. The plan created a vibrant town center with a rich mix of street-focused shops, cafes, and restaurants. Cultural facilities including a performing arts center, art galleries, and amphitheater were integrated into the public spaces. Residential uses were integrated into the commercial town center to ensure that the town center would establish active urban public spaces. The Town Center master plan was based on sustainable and green design principals to ensure it will become one of the most energy and environmentally sustainable developments in the world.

Perdana ParkCity
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