Solano College

Solano County, CA


JRDV was retained to assist the College to create an analysis of the long-term development potential of Solano College’s three primary campuses at Fairfield, Vacaville, and Vallejo. This analysis focused on campus site capacity analysis, site development phasing plan, preliminary guidelines for place-making and quality of campus environment. This analysis is intended to provide SCCD with a framework for creating long-term campus development strategies.

This planning analysis is an innovative approach to planning guidelines that will provide a framework for: (1) how students and faculty could be using the buildings and their surrounding environments, (2) how they relate to the existing structures on campus, (3) opportunities for informal student/faculty interaction, (4) how the outside community will perceive and interact with the new buildings, and (5) how the design vocabulary can establish a precedent for creating a cohesive future campus environment.

Solano College
JRDV Urban International