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West Oakland Specific Plan


JRDV Urban International is the prime consultant responsible for the West Oakland Specific Plan, the largest and most complicated master plan in the Central San Francisco Bay Area in last decade. The project entitled over 6,000 new housing units and over 6 million GSF of new commercial space on an infill basis without displacement. The project was unprecedented for creating three dimensional visualizations and multiple development scenarios for each parcel within a 4 sq. mile area. This demonstrated the economic and social potential at a granular level, meaningful to citizens, policy-makers and property owners alike. The project included comprehensive, multifaceted strategies for facilitating the development of selected vacant and/or underutilized commercial and industrial properties within West Oakland. The project has resulted in one of the most successful examples of an economic turnaround in the entire United States. The Specific Plan analyzed in great detail a range of issues such as land use, economic and market conditions, infrastructure deficiencies, transportation, public safety and security and other relevant factors, to identify development challenges for the selected properties.

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