Yuexing Global City

Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China


JRDV Urban International is Lead Design Architect and Master Planner for Mudanjiang Yuexing Global city, a new city center located in the north side of Mudanjiang high-speed railway station. The new master plan has ten parcels in total which formed 5 major districts: Russian Heritage District, Global Street Town Center, Park Avenue Financial District, Art and Food District, and Global Harbor Fashion Mall. The architecture design includes the special character reflecting the heritage of Mudanjiang and the Heilongjiang province.

JRDV’s design tries to connect the new High-Speed Train Station to the proposed municipal bus station as well as the air train. The new development uses air train to connect all of the Global Street uses so that people who live or work on the street can easily get to retail and restaurants anywhere along the entire Global Street.

JRDV worked on the project continuously from first sketches to construction phases, including coordination with Local Design Institute. The project’s Parcel G Developments will be constructed soon this year, and other parcels are currently going through the design process.

JRDV Urban International