Fuxian Lake Resort

Fuxian Lake, China

Fuxian Lake Resort is located overlooking Fuxian Lake, the cleanest and most beautiful natural lake in China.  The project is designed as a cohesive community connected by pedestrian footpaths with views out over the lake from nearly all units and from key public areas.

The project’s architecture recalls the ancient architecture of the Yunnan Province rooted in the immediate area. Included are a wide variety of activities for guests including engaging with the community in an active town center.

The Main Hotel is located at the gateway to the site will be the most iconic and recognizable symbol of the project. Its main entrance overlooks the cascading terraces and pools leading to the protected beach. The hotel is built of several wings of hotel rooms, all of which are single-loaded in order that all rooms have direct views of the lake. On the lower levels are amenities, conference facilities and parking.

Nestled behind the main hotel is the Town Center. Footpaths from through the Fuxian Lake Resort lead to town center making it the active social center heart of the project where guests will meet for strolling, shopping and dining. Near the town center is the recreational club which will include community rooms and facilities servicing the various recreational amenities such as tennis.

A second smaller, boutique hotel is located a short distance away dramatically sited on a bluff overlooking a second protected beach. This hotel is connected to the second protected beach by an aerial tram that at certain times will be an attraction available to guests from thorught Fuxian Lake Resort.

The balance of Fuxian Lake Resort includes several housing types organized around two natural esplanade areas including view terraces, gardens, active and a passive landscape amenities. Housing types include cluster housing organized around a central courtyard in the tradition of the local indigenous communities, rows of attached town houses, single family detached houses and high-rise apartments.


280-room main hotel, 100-room boutique hotel, 70 service apartments, 1,000 townhouse units and 14,000 m2 of retail space.

Year: 2016

Client: Coastal City GroupClub Med Joyview

Team: JRDV Urban InternationalPLAT, Landscape Architecture