KL Metropolis

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

KL Metropolis Master Plan is designed to create a quality urban place that integrates a walkable retail street with the Malaysian tradition of street shopping and eating. The master plan design creates an authentic urban place that establishes a powerful emotional connection to the customer – blending modernity and locality. The design creates a walkable environment that will establish an authentic, culturally specific urban experience.

The Master Plan is built around a diverse program, with a Live-Work-Shop-Play environment, which is the basis for creating a next-generation development. The plan establishes a premium pedestrian and retail/F&B experience that is the core of the brand. Each element has its own programmatic and market requirements that can be enhanced by the context of the other uses. The design integrates these uses into a synergistic, functional master plan– developing a clear new brand in the KL Market.


Mixed Use Urban Master Plan
9000 Housing Units, 2 Million GSF Retail, 800,000 GSF Offices, 1,000 Room Hotel

Year: 2016-2017

Client: Perdana Park CityHap Seng Land

Team: JRDV Urban InternationalAECOM EngineersPTK Transportation Engineers