Park City Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

ParkCity Hanoi is JRDV’s comprehensive master plan for a next-generation urban center for Hanoi. The plan creates a new 18.3-hectare urban core in Hanoi that combines residential, retail, and commercial uses into a high amenity pedestrian-focused urban district.

The goal was to create a regional destination that would become the high-value shopping district for West Hanoi. The master plan employs JRDV’s innovative approach to mixed-use buildings that combine activated retail streets, with office and housing above.  Parks and public plazas have been introduced into the tight-knit urban fabric to create a complex urban experience.

Residential and office towers are creatively introduced into the plan in such a way that the pedestrian scale of the urban district is not compromised. Urban parks are a powerful element in Hanoi culture that have been included within the new core, often organized around lakes and water elements. The plan also creates a hybrid of park/street promenades that enhance the city’s pedestrian-oriented culture.


Urban Master Plan,

Mixed Use Center, 1.5 million GSF Commercial Use, 1,500 Residential Units

Year: 2017

Client: Perdana ParkCitySamling

Team: JRDV Urban InternationalJLL MarketingVIDC Vietnam International Township Development JSC