Songjiang Innovation City

Shanghai, China

JRDV Urban International’s Master Plan for Shanghai’s West Songjiang includes approximately 12,000,000 m2 of new development carefully designed and managed physical environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. The Master Plan prepared for the City of Shanghai is intended to maximize opportunity and position West Songjiang as the place where the most intensive new innovation is created in Shanghai, and China. 

 The project includes developing an economic ecosystem for large and small innovation companies (start-ups and spin offs) as well as support for these users.  Support for the innovation users includes: advanced manufacturing (needed for prototypes), and business services amenities (finance, consulting, marketing), exhibition space, housing and hospitality.  The project includes an extensive analysis and detailed strategy for public transportation including a connection to Shanghai Metro, Light rail, BRT and Streetcars.

In addition to the Master Plan, JRDV is also the lead-designer and master planner for detailed concept plans for two tech hub research campuses including The D’Hive focusing on Digital Media and The IOT focusing on the Internet of things.   Each of these concept plans included is the integration of Urban Design, Parcelization, Transportation Planning, Landscape Design, Structural Design and Civil Design. JRDV designed tailor-made floor-plates for research facilities integrated into an urban context with active places to live, work, learn and play. The site plan creates a high amenity urban environment that maximizes active pedestrian connections between each of the development zones.


Detailed Urban Master Design Plan
Research Campuses, Mixed Use

Year: 2015-2018

Client: City of Shanghai, West Songjiang District

Team: JRDV Urban International, Lead Architect and Master PlannerARUP, Structural and Civil EngineeringPLAT, Landscape ArchitectureCHS Consulting, Transportation PlanningProfessor Amy Shuen, Land Use Economics

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