Zhiyong Cheng

Senior Architect

Over the past 20 years, Zhiyong has been both a witness and participant in China’s rapid growth, where a large number of new cities and buildings emerged from the ground.

Zhiyong Cheng has worked at JRDV Urban International since 2011. During his 16 years of experience working at international design firms (as well as 4 years working at a large domestic design institute), he has gained deep experience in the design and execution of retail, mixed-use, office and residential projects.

As JRDV’s lead project architect in China, Zhiyong serves as a bridge between the oversea design teams, local client, LDI, local consultants and contractors. During a typical day he reviews technical drawings and resolves on-site issues. He is also an expert on regulatory compliance for China projects.

Over the many years, he has served as a hard working, highly responsible and reliable team member with exceptional skills.

Architecture, Shanghai Tongji University
Industrial and Civil Architecture
Jiangxi College of Industry and Trade

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